February 11, 2013

Why we are not good enough?

We are living in a world which all the time is making us believe that we are not good enough. Because of this we can spend a large part of our life thinking that we are inadequate or unworthy. We tell us that we are not enough..and because of that we have to be happy with less than those who are perfect. That we don't deserve to be treated well, be loved or accepted by the people around us.

These are thoughts that we have to stop thinking about. Ask yourself, what if you are already good enough? Does it not make this thinking and wondering how to be better just a waste of time? We give ourselves the harshest critic of all. And why we do that? Just that you can feel bad about yourself? Is it so much fun to do that? You can stop doing that and start accepting yourself the way you are.

The thing is that we spend too much time wondering why we are not good enough. You should accept the fact that you are enough by the way you are, and you don't have to change yourself because of something. When you do that, you feel much better. Then you use much less time to make yourself feel bad and instead you actually start to feel good and happy about yourself. The thing you have to do is to stop criticizing yourself and start appreciating your body and the way you are. Because the way you are makes you unique..and there is no other person like you in this whole planet. Is not something to be happy about?

Some of us believe that you have to go under a knife to make yourself more accepted, by yourself and by the society. Where do we get these ideas and why so many of us feel bad about the body we have? Many blame the media and the fashion industry. These people print millions and millions of pictures of perfect women that we compare to ourselves just to see that there has to be something wrong about us. But we have to be realistic. These images are usually always altered in some way or another..it means that these women who are displayed in the pages of the magazine do not exist in the real world. There are representing the ideal women that this industry has created.

Does it not mean that they want us to feel bad about ourselves? They want us to feel the need to change something in ourselves to be more ideal. We have to wear high fashion clothes, and we have to feel the need to change how we look in extreme ways. And we are letting them do that. We don't go to these people and say it's your fault we feel this way. No. Instead we ask ourselves why we are the way we are, and not like these perfect individuals. We punish ourselves of something that actually doesn't exist.

So now is the moment to change the situation, and start loving you the way you are. Stop thinking about other people and how they are somehow better than you are. Think that you are perfect just the way you are. You don't have to convince other people to think the same way, but you have to convince yourself to think this way. Because if you can't see yourself as beautiful, how do you think other people would see you like that?

You are good enough!

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are” ~ Marilyn Monroe


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