March 16, 2013

A day in kittyland

Just some pictures of paws.. She had quite a busy day and she was quite exited that everyone was at home with her because it's weekend. She really likes to have people around who she can socialize with. And because in the week she usually has to spend some time by her self, in her opinion weekends are perfect time to spend some quality time with the rest of her small family.
First in the schedule was to wash some laundry..she didn't quite remember how the washing machine works..
 It's important to check carefully if the clothes are clean or dirty..these trousers seem to be okay still.
 creeping in the sauna..
a bit more creeping..

Quit it already. She got quite frustrated on me following her everywhere and photographing her.. It's not easy to be a celebrity. Things were going to a point they could have gone ugly but luckily nothing bad did happen and she was calming down..
All this is quite a lot to handle. You need to have a power nap now and then. Quite understandable when you think she was just turning one two weeks ago. You can't expect too much from such a small little kitty.
Boxing.. One of her favorite places to sleep and look what is happening in the house.
Still a bit sleepy kitty.

Okay guys, show is over. So we leave her to her majestic life and are happy when we got a small glimpse of it..


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