April 9, 2013

Too many miles away

If you have to spend some time apart from your partner, sometimes it can be hard and you can have moments when you really miss the other person or feel alone. What you can do to make the time easier for yourself? It really depends how much time you have to spend apart, because you have to think about the relationship. For example, if you are going to spend two weeks away from each other you can concentrate more on yourself but if the time has to be counted on months then you have to make sure that the relationship doesn't suffer.

Short periods away from one another are easier to cope than the long ones. I believe that short periods away from each other can be actually good for the relationship. It makes the people in the relationship miss the other person and give them maybe a small glimpse of a life without the other person. You start maybe to realize how important the other person is and how unhappy it would make you if the other person would disappear from your life. The feelings of course are not nice, but if you have them it means that you really care about each other.

In this post I would like to tell you what to do to make you miss less the other person and how to make the time go a bit faster. Because even if it's good to miss the other person, you should also try to keep yourself busy and forget a bit the sadness. I don't think anyone wants to lie in the bed unhappily for two weeks. Not so healthy option.

First you should keep yourself busy. You should have something to do in the time your partner is away. If you don't have to work you could think about having for example a housecleaning party..keeps you busy for couple of days and also the house gets clean (also can make the other person pleasantly surprised how effective you have been). Or if your house is already clean enough you can make up a new hobby, start jogging or swimming or just try to have something you do every single day. This is a very good way of making you think about other things and maybe let you forget a bit the situation. Also one other good thing is you can do things you wanted to do for a long time and just didn't have time for it or you wanted to do it alone without your partner hassling around.

Second meet your friends. Sometimes when we are in a relationship we don't meet our friends as often as would like to, because we have also another person with an opinion what to do with the time you have. This is why you should meet up with your friends when your partner is not around. It's nice to catch up a bit and it also brings you company and you don't feel as alone as you might be. You can either go just to hang around and talk with the person or you can go shopping or to do some sports together, whatever you would like to do. It's important to keep yourself happy.

At least in my case, going to bed alone has always been one of the worst parts of being apart. It's really the moment when you feel that you partner should be there with you. And feels unfair that you have to sleep alone, don't get a good night kiss and no one is there to protect you. Try to think it positively, your partner will come back and soon you will be together. Keep your evening rituals..it makes you feel like the other person is around, at least in some level. If you really feel sad, you can try for example to sleep with a shirt that smells like your partner. It can make you feel a bit better and that he is still with you.

Try to call to each other, but set a time when you do that. This able both of you to make plans for your day and not feeling guilty that you don't answer or can't talk together. Tell each other about your day and keep the contact. This important to keep the relationship going well even if you are apart. But don't call too often or all the time, one time or twice in a day is enough. Otherwise it can get too ignoring to the other person. Even if miss your partner, you don't have to think about him all the time. And if you partner calls you just to check where you are, there can be a trust issue..your partner needs to know where you are or something might happen. Then you really have to talk about it together, because it's not healthy.


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