Friday, 11 September 2015

Who am I...

I have started a new task, to determine and define my professional brand. At first it sounds simple. I am already working and fairly successful at what I do, therefore I must already have a brand. In a sense this is true; however what I think I am and what I may be perceived as can be two very different things. A personal branch is really just getting who you think you are and who you perceived to be to be the same.

I am shy at first... However often this can be taken as. It caring or unapproachable. I now have made the commitment to try to overcome my shyness a little more. Participate more often at social gatherings and networking. Easy to say... But this is a work in progress for me with some good and not so good days.

I second guess myself and decisions. This is especially true for social media posts. I am not intimidated by the platform, just by thinking my post may not be "good enough" to bother with. Well this blog is step one in my attempt to overcome these thoughts and work through my second guessing.

There are many posts and articles about determining and finding your brand. I have chosen to follow (for now) the following:

1. Define your brand - what adjectives do people use to describe you.

2. Speciality- what would you like to be known for that sets you apart (I am still trying to figure this one out)

3. Write a biography of yourself

4. Create a blog or website

5. Utilize LinkedIn

6. Communication Skills - how are you in social settings

7. Social media - do not become a passive reader but an active user

This journey will continue and I will be posting my struggles and interesting tips along the way.

Thank you for reading!


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